Osram illuminates automotive aftermarket

September 11, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
At this year's Automechanika, the world's largest fair for the automotive aftermarket, lighting technology company Osram is presenting products that enable workshops and the trade sector to more efficiently meet customer needs. "Now that light has increasingly characterised the design of new vehicles, we aim to give the aftermarket new impulses with innovations for all technologies and applications," commented Hans-Joachim Schwabe, general manager of the Speciality Lighting business unit at Osram.

Whether as light strip, arrow or corona, LED daylight running light has given cars a highly recognisable brand appearance for several years. Osram claims a market share in this segment of about 50%. For customers who want to upgrade their car, Osram shows its first LED daytime running light kit at Automechanika. The LED Light@Day gives vehicles a highly dynamic and modern appearance thanks to a homogeneous illuminated surface and a distinctly sweeping design. Car owners are completely up-to-date in terms of technology as well: using the daylight driving light is up to 90% more efficient than using the halogen low beam light during daytime. LED Light@Day complies with the regulations of the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and can also be used as parking light. Installation accessories are suitable for the most common vehicle models.

Osram will also show the new Osram Silverstar 2.0 at Automechanika in the halogen lamps sector as a product positioned between standard lamps and the Night Breaker Plus. Normally a shortened service life is the result of brighter light with high performance lamps, but the Osram Silverstar 2.0 emits more light onto the road than a standard lamp and with almost identical operating duration.

The Wireless Ambient Light concept survey from Osram demonstrates which products will enliven the aftermarket in the future. The product series is aimed at the trend towards individual interior lighting that is offered by ever more new vehicle manufacturers. Wireless Ambient Light for the first time offers this possibility without cables and for retrofitting purposes. Two different modules are available for the door frame, two wallwashers, two spots and a light guide. These can be flexibly fitted into the car interior, and according to personal taste set either red, green, blue, orange or radiant white light accents. The light is controlled via remote control. The plays of colour do not inhibit driving safety because due to its homogeneous light distribution,