OTA platform keeps automotive software current

June 02, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The software-defined car comes one step closer with the possibility to perform OTA (over-the-air) updates to automotive software. US-based Movimento Group has introduced a platform that helps OEMs and tier ones to keep the software status of their vehicles current even when they are out on the roads. Plus, it enables users to establish new business models based on big data technologies.

According to Movimento CTO Mahbubul Allam, the platform marks the first time that the three key elements of data, security and OTA software management are brought together in a single platform. It is the first to make software updates of any car's electronics possible, from the power train to the infotainment systems, in one go, including automotive architectures and modules from legacy vehicles.

It delivers multiple benefits to automotive OEMs and Tier-1 module manufacturers as well as to vehicle owners. All that is required is the installation of Movimento client software, from which OTA updates on any vehicle ECU are efficiently managed. This is superior to how car software is currently updated, which requires that brand-specific code be installed on every module -- software that often is not even available for older, legacy architectures. “We can apply our update scheme to all modules of the vehicles”, Allam said in an interview with eeNews Europe.

The software is able to intelligently assess vehicle status before installing software updates, ensuring that data is transferred only when it is safe to reliably do so. This special bi-directional data-gathering capability reports vehicle diagnostics, prognostics and enables preventative analytics, which lets car makers react in real time to their customers and can provide data to third-party companies for insurance and other purposes.

The platform also boasts security features, continually protecting the vehicles from unauthorized access, relying on industry best practices and defensive technologies. It monitors the vehicle bus so that any unauthorized messages are detected en route and aborted within milliseconds, also keeping driver data from being compromised.
Movimento Group expects to be an active participant in this future market, drawing on the company's combination of automotive industry experience and Silicon Valley software expertise. Having spent more than a decade working in pre- and post-car production, Movimento Group is the only company able to fully support legacy vehicle architectures. It has reflashed millions of vehicles