Outdoor LED lamp reduces maintenance effort

August 03, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
GE's new Road R250 LED exterior luminaries combine the company's experience in lighting technology for streets and highways with the design and the performance of a reliable and robust ELD system. These luminaires are equipped with GE's unique LED technology including precise optics and thus offer excellent vertical and horizontal light distribution. This enables light designers to adapt the lighting intensity to almost any application.

The Road R250 LED luminaire features the a modular design and is available in the range from 39W to 237W and in three different color temperatures. The extended R250 product family is also available in 3000K color temperature. Through its precise optical design the luminaire enables designers to avoid dazzling and increase safety. The product can be deployed as pole top lantern as well as mast attachment light.

The LED technology translates in high color rendering index which makes colors and shapes easy to identify; pedestrians and motorists can move with more safety. With these properties the luminaires can be deployed in a broad range of applications, including motorways, roundabout traffic, residential areas and pedestrian precincts.

In order to ensure maximum heat dissipation and guarantee a long service life, the LED Road R250 is equipped with a heatsink. In contrast to standard metal halide lamps which have to be replaced every two to three years, the R250 lasts more than 12 years; after 50.000 operating hours it still delivers 85% of the initial light intensity. The components can be replaced easily whenever a maintenance is required.

Through an analog control input, the R250 can be dimmed, improving efficiency and environmental impact.

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