Panasonic commercializes surface mount conductive polymer aluminium capacitors for power and automotive

June 07, 2016 // By Nick Flaherty
Panasonic is commercializing its Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for surface mount power in automotive Electronic Control Units.

The capacitors provide instantaneous large current supply to power supply circuits of automotive ECUs for  hybrid, electric and traditional vehicles, and Panasonic will start mass production in September 2016.

The surface mount capacitors measure 10.0 × 10.2 mm and provide a static capacitance of 470 µF at 25 V DC, compared to 330 µF for the traditional products. The ripple current of 2800mA rms compares to 2000 mA rms
and allow direct mounting on automotive engine ECUs and electromechanical integration with the engine rather than separate units. 

In accordance with the improvement of fuel consumption of eco-cars and environment regulations, increasing the number of ECUs, direct mounting on engines instead of engine rooms, electromechanical integration are required. For capacitors, compact size, large capacity, large current are required for the purpose of stabilizing power voltage, removing noise etc. in ECU power supply circuits. Panasonic have met these market requirements and enabled instantaneous large current supply to power supply circuits, making possible to expand to the applications of compact motor driving assistance in accordance with electromechanical integration, and large motor driving assistance with power train motorization.

Panasonic has also released an LC filter simulator that includes the new capacitors for industrial and automotive designs. This allows the simulation of attenuation amouts when configuring a filter using the power inductor and aluminum electrolytic capacitors for π, T-type, and L-type filter circuits. Five circuits can be compared at the same time and parallel and series connections of components can also be simulated with results via a graph or CSV file output.