Passive entry system tailored for Chrysler pickups

April 04, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive safety systems supplier TRW announced that it will equip Chrysler's new Ram pickup truck with a Passive Entry (PE) system. The system will be offered under the name "Keyless Enter 'n Go" and is said to significantly improve the operation comfort compared to conventional radio fobs.

The PE system unlocks the vehicle automatically - without the need of pressing a button. All it takes is that the holder of the key needs to approach the vehicle to a distance of less then 2 meters. It is irrelevant if he holds the key in his hands or keeps it a jacket or trouser pocket. As soon as he touches the door handle, the device matches the data profile and authenticates the authorized user. Subsequently the doors are unlocked and the driver as well as any passengers can enter. If he choses to remove from the vehicle, the doors are locked again automatically.

Ram pickups are equipped with an "All-Secure" system which unlocks vehicle doors, trunk lid and the so-called RamBox, a large box on the loading area. The PE system activates also activates a number of further functions such as interior lighting, keyless start/stop function of the engine, as well as an acoustic warning signal in the case he leaves the key inside car while the engine is running.

While not necessarily implemented in the Ram PE system, the technology offers the potential to implement a series of additional functions which enable a personalized driving experience. For example, the wireless fob could store mileage, tire pressure, service status, navigation data or personal seat and mirror settings.