Performance boost for M-LOG data logger systems

July 22, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive test systems provider Ipetronik GmbH has introduced the M-LOG Upgrade Package. An upgraded M-LOG data logger features a performance increase of up to 60 % compared to conventional CAN data processing. The new reserve capacity can be used for additional calculations, trigger functions and storage groups.

Data volumes of examined CAN buses significantly influence the CPU load of the loggers used. According to Harry Stoerzer, Head of Application & Support at Ipetronik, the data logger Upgrade Package optimizes data processing and significantly reduces the basic load of the CPU unit.

The Upgrade Package can be obtained through calibration/maintenance and features the following components and services:

  1. Upgrade Kit (Hardware check with FPGA update for accelerated CAN signal processing);
  2. Exchange of internal storage medium with 8 GB high-speed CompactFlash card;
  3. System calibration with functionality test and calibration protocol.

The Upgrade Package can be applied to M-LOG data loggers with active CAN cards and LX800 processor boards or to S-LOG data loggers with active CAN cards and LX800 processor boards. The Upgrade Package is not applicable for older M-LOG logger types (SC 1200 processor) and/or passive CAN cards.

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