Platform adresses graphics-rich embedded applications

April 04, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Targeting safety, security and reliability requirements for automotive, consumer and industrial designs, Green Hills Software and Crank Software, which works in embedded user interface (UI) solutions, jointly announced a 3D graphical user interface design and deployment workflow for embedded applications with system-critical functionality.

When running on the Green Hills INTEGRITY real time operating system (RTOS), the Crank Storyboard Suite enables both the UI designer and software implementer to work in parallel, saving time and heightening the user experience for automotive, consumer and industrial devices that demand critical levels of safety, security or reliability.

Rich graphics and intuitive user interfaces, the two companies note, are essential components of many embedded devices – from mobile phones to automotive instrument clusters to complex industrial machines on the factory floor. At the same time, commerce and government regulations are requiring these same devices to guarantee higher levels of safety, security or reliability.

The INTEGRITY RTOS has achieved the highest functional safety certification levels in industrial, medical, automotive and railway, and delivers real-time determinism with high performance by exploiting a processor’s performance accelerators including the GPU and MMU

The Storyboard Suite bridges the time-consuming gap between UI designers and software engineers, enabling parallel and processor-independent development and deployment

The offering can use the Green Hills C/C++ 32-bit and 64-bit toolchain, and the MULTI integrated development environment (IDE), multicore debugger, MISRA C/C++ code quality adherence, profiler and many other integrated time-saving tools.

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