Plug’n play data logger rack can access all car data buses

February 04, 2016 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
One of the major requirements to test systems for automotive electronics developers is that it needs to support as many interfaces as possible. To meet this requirement, engineering company in-tech GmbH (Garching, Germany) has developed the orangeRack modular measurement system.

OrangeRack offers quick access to all automotive data bus systems for live analysis. In addition it provides power supply and energy management for all measurement devices in the car. An integrated breakout unit provides all relevant communications interfaces, enabling test engineers to plug in data loggers, tablet computers and PCs. Directly connecting to CAN, LIN, Flexray, OBD bus or analog signals, the system accesses a large variety of in-vehicle data and signals for measurement and downstream processing.

A special feature is the integrated power supply to avoid any interference with the car’s electrical system. A battery integrated into the rack supplies the measurement instruments and is charged through a separate PSU. Thus, it can be ruled out that the measurements discharge the car battery. It also enables the orangeRack data loggers to acquired car data even if the systems are shut down.