Porsche rainmaker advocates platooning

February 26, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Individual mobility as our fathers knew it gets increasingly challenged. Traffic density, pollutant emissions and other ecologic problems afflict the automotive industry. To some extend, new forms of traffic organisation could relief the situations. Armin Müller, one of the thought leaders of sports car manufacturer Porsche has a surprising suggestion: Platooning.

In times when new players such as Google (and perhaps soon, Apple) are entering the automotive market, the traditional top dogs are becoming thoughtful. As a matter of fact, the entire European automotive industry currently is in search mode for solutions to the challenges of the automotive markets of the future. At the recent annual Euroforum Automotive Electronics congress in Munich, this was also the case. Armin Müller who oversees strategic future projects Porsche, analysed the situation. Given the incredible awesome of the markets in China and the mega traffic streams it is expected to generate, it is obvious that the market will be much different from today. More roads and highways are not a solution, Müller conceded. Ecologic compatibility is becoming a must even for sports car makers.

From the perspective of the powertrain, plug-in hybrids will be the most promising solution, Müller explained, because they reduce the effective fuel consumption significantly. Battery electric vehicles are no solution, at least for the time being. "As long as the driving range is not good enough, they won't see acceptance at the markets", Müller stated.