Power resistors dissipate from 175 to 300 Watts

October 22, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Ohmite's new IS Series of heatsinkable, thick film, planar power resistors meet the requirements of designers seeking a compact, low profile solution to demanding applications such as dynamic motor braking.

Commonly used to 'dump’ energy from a motor when the speed is significantly and suddenly reduced, forcing the motor to behave like a generator which returns the energy to the circuit, the resistors dissipate from 175 to 300 Watts when correctly heatsinked. Simply constructed, the resistor also benefits from low installation costs. Consisting of a steel substrate and multiple layers of conductive and dielectric materials, the steel substrate is not only rugged but provides excellent thermal efficiencies and due to its planar design, the IS Series has a particularly low inductance figure. A centre mounting hole and multiple terminations provide versatility in applications where board space is at a premium and power values range from 5 ohms to 10k Ohms with TCR’s below 250ppm.

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