Power supplies for electromobility

June 12, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Enertronix offers DC/DC converter for a stable power supply and the conversion between split voltage levels. Available are products for an input voltage range between 12V and 650VDC and for battery-operated vehicles as well as for fuel cell-powered ones.

The current product range of the Bavarian company covers an output voltage range of up to 400VDC and a power range of 0 - 3000W. The converters are designed to work even under very low temperatures of -46°C. At the same time, they are sealed against humidity according to IP68. the casing is made of aluminum which makes the products rugged enough for rough automotive environments and at the same time they provide excellent EMC shielding.

Some products can also be provided with the functionality of a battery charger for output currents of up to 100A. In addition, Enertronix also can adapt existing products to other voltage levels.

For more information visit www.enertronix.de