Power supply IC protects automotive antenna amplifiers

December 11, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Modern cars are equipped with up to six active antennae for data communication, mobile telephony and similar tasks. Chipmaker Elmos AG has devised a power supply IC which not only provides the right voltage for the amplifiers integrated in these antennae but also offers multiple protection functions.

The E522.40 is a compact dual antenna power supply chip which at the same time protects the RF amplifier circuitry against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and overheating as well as against short circuit to ground or battery voltage level. The device can be utilized in antenna applications with supply voltages between 4.5V and 25V. Utilizing external voltage dividers, two independent output voltages can be programmed to a value between 3.3V to VBAT.

Despite its small size, the chip offers extensive diagnosis functions. The I2C interface and an 8-bit ADC enable designers to implement real-time monitoring of output voltages and currents. Over and under voltage thresholds can be programmed separately for each output; if needed, they also can be deactivated. An additional analog sensor input can be used in connection with a programmable digital output to monitor a third phantom supply circuit.

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