Pressurized jet cleans automotive sensors and cameras

October 28, 2015 // By Julien Happich
With 50 years of experience in windshield washer systems, Ficosa has patented a product that expels water and air to remove dirt from sensors and cameras. Named Sensor & Camera Cleaning, the solution removes dirt from cameras and sensors through a hybrid system that expels water and/or pressurized air depending on the need and lenses position, guaranteeing at all times a proper performance.

The lightweight and small-sized integrated device can be installed anywhere in the car. This product is connected to the windshield circuit, which represents an added value as it requires no additional water pump that would increase cost and weight. 

Its operation is very similar to the windshield washer system, a sector in which Ficosa has extensive know-how. In addition to clean with water, Sensor & Camera Cleaning can also incorporate the function of expelling air to quickly remove dust and water droplets that may remain on the lenses.

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