Qt Company adds automotive-focussed UI builder suite

October 02, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
The Qt Automotive Suite is, says the vendor of software for creation of user interfaces, a ready-made automotive development offering that enables solution providers to create polished UIs in a fraction of the time they would otherwise require.

The Qt Company (Helsinki, Finland), creators of the Qt cross-platform development framework, together with its partners KDAB and Pelagicore have announced the Qt Automotive Suite, a product designed to support common In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) system development needs of automotive OEMs and Tier-1 developers.

Today’s automakers and suppliers, the company says, want to deliver an in-car experience that keeps drivers connected and informed. An experience where they can make use of a range of devices, services and where drivers can extend their work and their home into their vehicle through the connected car. Software technology is shaping the future of automotive and the user experience is what is in focus.

By combining established components and tools used in the industry into a single offering, The Qt Automotive Suite aims to meet the needs of automotive software solution providers with a ready-made offering. The solution is built on the Qt toolkit which encompasses libraries, tools, hardware adaptation and ready-made components. Qt is already a tried and tested mature tool within the industry powering the IVI systems of millions of cars on the road today. This new automotive development product will make it even easier and faster for OEMs and Tier1’s go to market.

Built upon the need of the automotive industry to consolidate an ever growing and complex supply chain, the Qt Automotive Suite aims to unite and simplify the tools and software components needed to create highly-performing and quickly adaptable IVI user interfaces devices.

“When building IVI systems, we see that many automotive manufacturers and providers are facing similar challenges with managing their technical solutions. The Qt Automotive Suite provides readily available components promising productivity and a high level of quality through world-class tools. This solution promises to make automotive development effortless where the UX and hardware and operating system flexibility is at the core, in turn allowing OEMs and Tier1’s concentrate on adding end-user value instead of tackling technical details.” says