Quanergy complements Lidar solution through software acquisition

August 31, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Lidar sensor vendor Quanergy Systems (Sunnyvale, USA) has acquired the OTUS People Tracker software from Raytheon BBN Technologies. The software complements Quanergy’s own software portfolio; in combination with the company’s Lidar sensors it creates an integrated solution for advanced people detection and tracking application for the market of autonomous driving.

OTUS uses sophisticated human perception algorithms to identify and track people for safety and security in crowded environments at ranges exceeding 100 meters when used with Quanergy Lidar sensors. The system features segmentation techniques identifying humans, background extraction, object clustering, sophisticated merge and split algorithms, persistent tracking algorithms, and other advanced features supporting robust crowd control. Support for multiple zones of interest is included, allowing users fine control over active monitoring. 

Quanergy claims that through the acquisition it is offering an intelligent and complete solution to track people in 3D and in real-time over large spaces. The combined solution has advantages over camera systems including the ability to work in any weather or lighting conditions with fewer false alarms, along with the reduction of equipment and labor costs.

Besides autonomous driving, Quanergy also serves the market for security solutions with its products. In these application fields, the software is processing signals from PTZ cameras.

More information: www.quanergy.com