Radar target simulator features in Keysight's automotive test release

October 25, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Keysight Technologies is taking the opportunity of a major Automotive Testing Expo (www.testing-expo.com/usa), this week, Oct. 25-27, 2016, in Novi, Michigan, to demonstrate a range of automotive testing products, including product introductions specific to the sector.

Included are the E8707A radar target simulator for fast, accurate and reliable advanced driver assistance systems test. The unit's features include;

- Simulates automotive radar targets in the 76-77 GHz range

- Provides simulation for both the range and radar cross section.

- Minimum physical distance of 1 m between simulator and DUT, saving floor space

- Scalable and configurable with full range of 10-450 m or two fixed ranges

- Single-horn with built-in transceiver; or dual-horn with transmit and receive configurations

Also introduced is the E6950A eCall conformance test solution for end-to-end functional and standard-compliance conformance eCall module test; its features include;

- Pan European eCall support

- No external PC required as PSAP can run inside UXM

- Static and Dynamic GNSS simulation

- Optional Audio performance testing (PESQ/POLQA)


The third specific introduction is the U9403A mini in-circuit test, which aims to maximize engineers' test coverage by combining functional test with in-circuit. The Mini ICT is a true in-circuit test unit in the rack that can be used standalone or integrated. It comes with a full set of Keysight ICT test features, from VTEP vectorless test, Cover-Extend Technology, to digital library tests and boundary scan. The unmuxed per-pin programmable digital engine makes test development really flexible and easy, especially in a situation when device conditioning is needed in functional test. Its features include;


- 5U 19 inch rack-mount form factor

- Complete analog ICT test features including VTEP v2.0

- Complete digital ICT test features including IEEE1149 boundary scan and Cover-Extend Technology

- True 1:1 per-pin programmable architecture with 500 mA driving capability

- Built-in DUT power supply control and complete discharge features

- SCPI support for VISA-based test sequencer

- Standalone and parallel in-circuit test


Keysight's demonstration of its automotive test capabilities will also include:


- Automotive network bus testing solutions for the fastest triggering and analysis of new CXPI, BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet,