Real-time validation of interconnected advanced driver assistance systems

April 12, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With the roll-out of release 3.7, Berner & Mattner´s test platform Messina has been functiionally enhanced. The software is now ready for validating the next generation of advanced driver assistance systems. The new version helps to efficiently validate complex interlinked functions of ECUs that impose high standards on Hardware-in-the-Loop test systems (HiL). In addition, the interface between Messina and Matlab/Simulink has been further improved.

With the test platform Messina, test sequences can be used seamlessly in the model test (MiL), software test (SiL) and hardware test (HiL). Complex interconnected advanced driver assistance systems are currently being developed for all vehicle classes. Comprehensive HiL tests are decisive for an economic and safe development of such systems. As test systems are, for example, significantly challenged when precisely capturing the differential speeds or modeling several vehicles, Berner & Mattner has focused on further developing the performance of Messina with this release.

Multicore CPUs are used for real-time computers to facilitate the execution of many models in parallel and to carry out simulations under real-time conditions with guaranteed response time. The performance of the test systems where functions are tested by simulating driving scenarios in real-time also benefits from the support of Matlab/Simulink C-API as per version 2011a with a standardized interface.

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