Renault introduces new electric motor generation for Zoe

February 19, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Renault seems to take electrification really seriously: The French carmaker today unveiled not only a fully electric demo vehicle capable of autonomous driving at level 4, but also a new motor for its popular electric vehicle Zoe.

The French carmaker has revealed its new R110 electric motor fort he 2018 model its Zoe, Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle. Despite being the same size as ist predecessor R90, the R110 offers 12kW (16hp) more power. The new motor shaves almost two seconds off ZOE’s 80-to-120kph time. At lower speeds and in urban areas, the R110 packs the same punch as the R90 from which it is derived thanks to the peak torque of 225Nm.

The R110 motor is the latest fruit of Renault’s electric motor development and production strategy. The all-Renault R110 – an evolution of the R90, developed in just two years – is made in France at the company‘s Cléon plant in Normandy. It has been designed by engineers working out of the Renault Technocentre, southwest of Paris. In addition, the R110 packs a combination of electrical machine- and power electronics-related innovations that have yielded an extra 12kW with no increase in either weight or volume. 

The introduction of the R110 takes the number of variants of the Renault motor available for Kangoo Z.E., Master Z.E., ZOE and Daimler’s Electric Drive Smart to five (44kW, 57 kW, 60 kW, 68 kW and 80 kW).

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