Renesas unveils 40nm embedded flash memory IP for automotive real-time applications

December 14, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Renesas Electronics has developed the industry's first 40-nanometer memory intellectual property (IP) for automotive real-time applications. The company plans to commercialize this IP by launching 40nm embedded flash microcontrollers (MCUs) for automotive applications - also as the first vendor offering this technology in a product.

Renesas disposes of significant experience in developing flash MONOS (metal oxide nitride oxide silicon) technology with high quality and reliability. Renesas was the first to launch the 90nm automotive flash MCU products in 2007.

The flash MONOS technology is scalable while providing both high reliability and high performance at the same time. Evaluation results available from 40nm flash test devices prove that excellent characteristics for three critical parameters - data retention, program/erase cycle endurance and programming time - have been achieved successfully. The 40nm process node enables integration of several functional safety-related and communication interface.

The Renesas 40nm flash memory IP guarantees 20 years of data retention, and can be read from up to 170℃ junction temperature. Additionally, the code flash supports read speed of 120 megahertz (MHz), and the data flash achieves industry-leading long data-retention period of 20 years even after 125,000 of program/erase cycles.

First samples of the memory chips will be available by the beginning of autumn 2012, the company announced.

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