Rohde & Schwarz adds MSO option to oscilloscope

November 11, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Measurement equipment provider Rohde & Schwarz has added a MSO option (mixed signal oscilloscope) to its RTO oscilloscope product line. The option enables designers to conduct measurements on data buses such as CAN, LIN or I2C.

In embedded design, a classical test case is watching analog signals at an ADC input and at the same time the digital signals at the output of that ADC. Analog standard oscilloscopes fall short of enabling designers to carry out this task. The MSO option for Rohde & Schwarz' RTO oscilloscope adds 16 digital logic channels to the device; at the same time, the oscilloscope's analog capabilities remain available, thus enabling engineers to perform advanced mixed signal analysis.The MSO option is available as a hardware enhancement.

In product design as well as in demanding service and repair tasks, users frequently have to track digital signals at parallel and analog interfaces. Examples are parallel interfaces of ADCs and DACs, parallel data bus systems such as PCI and DDR as well as serial data buses including I2C, SPI, CAN and LIN. For such measurements, the R&S RTO with MSO function offers a high sampling rate of 5 Gigasamples per second which is available across the entire memory depth of 200 MSamples. The resolution of down to 200 ps helps users to precisely analyze signals. Critical events such as short glitches can be discovered safely.

Data acquisition, trigger and processing units are implemented in hardware. Thus, high acquisition rates in excess of 200.000 measurements per second are possible even with digital channels active.

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