Rohm rolls small package, low quiescent current LDOs

August 02, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With two new low-drop-out (LDO) regulator product families complements Rohm its portfolio of automotive-grade LDOs. The BUxxJA2MNVX-C stands out through its compact package size – the vendor claims that this family represents the world’s smallest automotive-grade LDO currently available on the market. The other product, the BD7xxLx excels through very low quiescent currents.

Customers are able to choose from multiple voltage and current options as well as packaging solutions to meet the requirements of their application, whether in automotive body, power train and infotainment or advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Both line-ups are based on Rohm’s vertically integrated product system along with its proprietary analog design process and package technologies to achieve high efficiency in a compact form factor while adding to design flexibility and reliability, the company advertises. Target applications for the BUxxJA2MNVX-C include sensors, cameras and radar for ADAS, drive recorders and other automotive systems requiring greater miniaturization.


The BD7xxLx series together with the BD4xxMx series is optimized for applications which are connected to the battery and which require a particularly low quiescent current. Thanks to its wide input voltage range (up to 50V max. voltage) and wide operating temperature range spanning -40° to +125°C, this family is a solution for automotive body, powertrain and infotainment systems. The BD7xxLx line-up is composed by 8 part numbers, with optional output voltage from 3.3V and 5V, output current capability form 200mA up to 500mA and 3 standard package types.


The proliferation of accident prevention measures and automated driving systems are demanding advanced safety systems that deliver higher performance. While this increases the number of sensors, camera modules and other mounted components, there is also a need to decrease part size to improve design flexibility and reduce vehicle weight. However, so far it has been difficult to design power supply ICs that deliver high reliability in a very small form factor. Until now, for harsh automotive system environments with increased noise, temperature and vibration, the smallest package size that could provide the necessary level of reliability has been 1.5mm 2. The new AEC-Q100 qualified BUxxJA2MNVX-C series provides automotive grade reliability in an ultra-compact 1mm 2 package, decreasing the mounting area by 55% over existing products. At the same time, stand-by current