Rotational speed measurement device also enables signal manipulation

March 26, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
For measurement and simulation tasks on digital wheel rotational speed sensors, Silver Atena GmbH (Munich, Germany) has developed a sensor measuring box. The device enables measurement data acquisition of two independent sensor signals as well as processing these data and transferring them across FlexRay, CAN and Ethernet data bus systems.

The device enables integration of measurement data from multiple sensors. For instance, test engineers can use the sensor box to test the effect of different data bus systems to sensor data acquisition. The box also facilitates evaluating the ECU behavior; in particular it is possible to inject fault situations by modifying these data.

The system can also be used for rapid prototyping applications in cases when different sensors have to be tested in connection with newly developed ECUs. In order to achieve this, the rotational speed sensor box can be operated in multiple modes: In manipulating mode, the device enables simulation of DF sensor signals and their respective tasks. In sensor gateway mode, it converts the measurement data from multiple physical sensors.

The device offers a number of options to connect to FlexRay, CAN bus or Ethernet. In order to evaluate the sensor signal quality, an oscilloscope can be connected to the device through a BNC connector. The box can be configured by means of an application specific GUI or through CAN bus or Ethernet.

While the device is designed for test stand usage, its compact size also makes it ideal for in-car testing. In this case it also can be used as signal generator for rotational speed sensors. All fault injections can be generated in real-time.

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