Safety IC has pressure sensor inside

October 17, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Chipmaker Elmos has integrated a pressure sensor into its new safety IC E524.40. The device is designed for sensing functions in applications like side airbags and pedestrian protection systems.

The sensor detects sudden changes in pressure independent of the average ambient air pressure. Both relative and average air pressure are constantly analysed by the IC. The IC complies with the specifications according to AK-LV29 (VDA) and has been designed in accordance with Functional Safety standard ISO 26262.

The pressure sensor and the signal readout circuit identify a dynamic pressure change associated to an accident and communicate it to the PSI5 interface. The diagnostic data of sensor and IC are transmitted as well in order to monitor the system status, thus complying with functional safety requirements. Additionally extensive self test routines are implemented for diagnostic functionality at system start and in operation. Self test capability comprises both the sensor and the IC (analog part, DSP, ROM, and EEPROM).

The integrated EEPROM stores calibration data, device ID, and other freely programmable data. The system comes in a modified SOIC20 package.

For the assembly of the PSI5 network, Elmos offers the interface components E981.07 and E981.08 (dual and quad channel, respectively). Thus a complete system can be configured with synchronized modules easily and quickly.

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