Schott, Delo make vehicle display screens crash-proof

March 12, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With display screens in cars growing bigger and bigger, the risk of injury through sharp splinters resulting from an accident is rising sharply. To defuse the risk, technology groups Schott and DELO Industrial Adhesives are jointly developing an unbreakable cover composite for those displays. First test results show that the display covers satisfy the safety requirements in the automotive industry and provide an effectively protect occupants against cutting injuries.

The project partners tested how a display covers, consisting of a combination of high-strength aluminosilicate glass and special adhesives, behave in a crash and compared it to conventional displays with an air gap between glass cover and LCD. For this purpose, they conducted head-on crash tests by the criteria of the international ECE R21 standard in which a heavy steel ball (6.8 kg) impacts on the displays with a speed of 24 kmph.

In the tests, the standard displays were destroyed completely; the impact of the ball blew off hundreds of glass splinters into all directions. In contrast, only the inner liquid crystal display of the bonded displays with the special Schott glass broke. The glass covers remained intact, no splinters were created.

For the tests, the companies used Schott's floated aluminosilicate glass Xensation Cover. The gap between display and glass cover was filled with a special DELO adhesive. This bonding increases the durability of the composite and its resistance to oscillations and shocks.

The adhesives used are highly flexible and optically transparent. In addition, they pass all thermal, humidity and UV yellowing tests of the automotive industry. The adhesives can be light-cured within just seconds, taking into account the short cycle times demanded by automotive manufacturers.

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