Search function eases handling large amounts of data in debug tool

June 16, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Highly complex automotive microcontrollers such as Infineon’s Aurix family or the SPC58E series from STMicroelectroncis generate incredible amounts of trace date within short periods of time – in particular if these data are acquired through an Aurora interface. PLS’ Universal Access Device (UAD) 3+, for instance can accept compressed traces with data amounts of up to 400 GByte from the target at a speed up to 500 MByte/s. To make sure that the user won’t lose the overview in this trace stream enriched by the debug information from the ELF files, tool maker PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme added a high-performance search function to its Universal Debug Engine (UDE) which now is available in version 4.6.2.


The “Find All” function enables users to find all entries with identical addresses in the file in very short time, PLS claims. The search result is displayed in separate, clearly arranged tables than enables users to easily navigate to the references by means of the UDE-integrated trace window. What’s more, the trace window itself has been enhanced by a visualization and navigation element that highlights all references. Thus, the user can quickly get an overview how many times a given instruction has been executed. Users also can easily navigate back and forth between the references.


The new bookmarks, available from UDE version 4.6.2, also offer significant relief for handling large amounts of trace data. These bookmarks enable users to mark interesting places in the trace without much effort and re-find them easily later.


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