Semikron Power Semiconductor Manual available in English language

November 28, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Power electronics manufacturer Semikron has translated its Power Semiconductor application manual into English, after it has become rather popular in the German engineering community. In the book, power electronics designers find rich material on selection and application of IGBTs, MOSFETs, diodes and thyristors.

On 464 pages, the manual contains tons of application hints including dimensioning for most common application fields, driving and protection of semiconductor components, thermal design and temperature management, hints regarding serial and parallel connection, optimized layouts with regards to parasitic elements as well as hints with respect to environmental requirements. Design and connection techniques which have significant impact to the properties of semiconductor modules and to their limits in the field are described as well as aspects of reliability, operating life time estimates, and the most important test procedures. Application fields include industrial electronics, renewable power, electromobility, rail transport and power supplies.

The German and the English language edition of the manual can be acquired in bookstores under the ISBN numbers 978-3-938843-56-7 (German) and 978-3-938843-66-6 (English). It also is available at the Sindopower power electronics web portal ( ) at a price of €9,90.