Semtech expands automotive qualified product platform for power management and display backlighting applications

March 19, 2013 //By Paul Buckley
Semtech Corporation has launched two new devices in its automotive-qualified products platform. The SC5012Q is a 4-channel, high-brightness LED driver for infotainment and navigation display backlighting, and the SC220Q is a 20 MHz buck regulator with X-EMI Inductor Technology.

Both products extend Semtech’s broad automotive-qualified product offering, which includes solutions for power management, RF/ISM, touch interface and transient voltage protection.

Both the SC5012Q and SC220Q are best-in-class solutions. The SC5012Q drives up to 68 high brightness 150 mA LEDs and offers advanced analog/digital dimming of up to 10,000:1 ratio that gives automotive LCD displays an extended range of brightness options for varied driving conditions.  The SC220Q provides high-efficiency DC-DC buck conversion while allowing designers to draw their own inductor on a standard PCB board to minimize board height and greatly reduce EMI noise.  The benefits enable embedded power supplies in low profile applications like rearview mirrors and backup cameras.

The SC5012Q is packaged in a 24-pin QFN (4x4x1 mm) features a wide VIN range of 4.75 V to 45 V and a high VOUT range of up to 65 V.

The device supports up to 68 LEDs (17 LEDs x 4-ch) at 150 mA/ch and has an ultra-wide PWM dimming range up to 10,000:1 at 100 Hz.

Availability and Pricing

The SC5012Q and SC220Q are available immediately in production quantities. The SC5012Q is priced at $1.54 each (ordering code SC5012QMLTRT) in 3,000 piece lots and the SC220Q is priced at $0.39 each (ordering code SC220QSTRT) in 2,500 piece lots. Evaluation boards are also available; order codes are SC5012EVB and SC220EVB.

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