Sensor combines GPS and driving dynamics data

September 19, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
An important prerequisite for car-to-x communications is that the vehicles involved in the communications process exactly know - and communicate - their whereabouts. Today's GPS navigation systems are not always exact and reliable enough since the reception of the satellite signals does not always work properly if the vehicle is in a tunnel or if buildings shield off the signal. Automotive supplier Continental AG now has developed a sensor that provides exact, reliable location data.

The M2XPro sensor system combines GPS data with the data from driving dynamics sensors such as ABS or ESP. A algorithm specifically developed to devise highly precise position data merges the GPS signal and the driving dynamics data and generates a position information exact enough to determine the car's lane even under unfavorable circumstances, Continental said.

The sensor uses the GPS data as external reference in determining the plausibility of the vehicles' internal data. In addition, the data redundancy improves the overall quality of the driving dynamic's data. Since the sensor has been designed to use the data of sensors already available in the vehicle it easily can be integrated into existing hardware structures and architectures.

The M2XPro has the status of a feasibility study; affordability was a highly important design goal. Currently it is under test in a prototype vehicle. Continental said it expects commercialization in the first Car2x systems by 2015.