Sensor measures very high temperatures

February 20, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
For applications in engine test stands as well as in vehicles in general, turbo chargers, fuel cells and exhaust gas systems but also in non-automotive environments such as power plants and the steel industry, EngineSens Motorsensor GmbH has developed the DU-EGT measurement system. It measures and displays temperatures of up to 1100°C.

The DU-EGT temperature measurement system consists of three components: The temperature sensor, the 48 x 24 mm display unit and mechanical mounting material. According to the specific application, customers have a choice of three temperature sensors - type DTS-V III for temperatures up to 11°C, a type Pt200 resistance thermometer for temperatures of up to 1050°C and a Pt1000 resistance thermometer for temperatures of 550°C maximum, with the latter one meeting the requirements according to DIN EN60751.

Due to its high contrast, the 4-digit temperature display is readable under difficult lighting conditions. The requires a voltage source with 12V to 24V output; a power supply is available as an option.

Upon customer request, the manufacturer can store switching thresholds in the system's firmware. A separate relay can trigger an alarm or activate a blower if a preset value is exceeded.

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