Simulation software fights engine knocking

May 02, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With a new release of its Forté combustion process simulation software tool, vendor Reaction Design attacks the problem of knocking in gasoline engines. The CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software now includes the functionality to model, predict, and eventually take design measures to avoid knocking.

Current CFD simulation methods focused on modelling the engine behaviour during the ignition and combustion of the fuel. But the real value of a simulation lies in the possibility to predict relevant events during the combustion cycle, believes Reaction Design CEO Bernie Rosenthal. "If fuels don't ignite properly, they disturb the engine cycles with a negative effect on the power generation and even can cause damage to the engine and its components", Rosenthal said. This is where Forté steps in: Engine designers can use it to test their designs before they have to use real hardware for their tests.

The current Forté release includes the Chemkin Pro technology which enables the software to generate more exact results at one tenth of the time. The software utilizes multi-component fuel models which embrace hundreds of substances included in today's most popular gasoline and diesel fuel types. Based on these parameters, it can precisely compute the combustion process and predict ignition timing and propagation within the combustion chamber. This in turn enables automotive engine designers to create more reliable engines which at the same time consume less fuel and produce less toxic exhaust gases.

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