SMD power inductor series is automotive qualified

September 18, 2013 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Component manufacturer Bourns, Inc. introduced an SMD Power Inductor Series that includes 13 new models. The new series features non-shielded and shielded construction and is AEC-Q200 qualified. The new SMD power inductors are specifically designed for use in a broad range of automotive applications including driver assistant devices, information/entertainment systems and lighting.

The power inductor product family includes shielded as well as non shielded implementations as requested for today's advanced automotive systems with AEC-Q200 testing.

The new models SDE1006A, SDR1307A, SRF1260A, SRR0735A, SRR1260A, SRR1280A, SRU1028A, SRU1038A, SRU1048A, SRU3028A, SRU5028A, SRU6025A and SRU8028A are available now. They are priced from $0.23 to $0.39 each per 2,000-piece order. The new models are also RoHS compliant and halogen free.

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