SMT capacitor with automotive qualification

September 14, 2012 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Passive component manufacturer Murata has announced a surface-mountable Y2 safety capacitor designed for automotive environments - according to the vendor, this is the first such capacitor specifically designed to be used in automotive electronics.

Against the background of growing interest for vehicles with hybrid of full electric powertrain the KCA series capacitors could prove to be the ideal component for applications such as mains filters for battery chargers or DC-side filters in DC/DC converters or inverters.

During the design of the KCA series, the engineers employed techniques which improve the long-term resilience against vibration and bending stress. Among others, they used metal terminals which offer protection against breakage of substrate and solder joints which can arise if the substrates expand or contract under the impact of wide temperature swings.

In contrast to discrete capacitor elements the KCA series features higher reliability since it is dimensioned for strong mechanical shocks which are typical fro automotive environments. They also passed the stress tests required by AEC-Q200 for passive components in the automotive industry.

The KCA devices are designed for a nominal voltage of 630VDC and is available with capacities of 2200, 4700 and 10.000 pF.

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