Software components, safely exchanged along the value chain

October 10, 2013 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The latest version 4.1 of dSpace's software architecture tool SystemDesk facilitates hand-over processes between Car OEMs and suppliers which develop embedded software and systems for Autosar-compliant ECUs. Integrated validation rules ensure a smooth data exchange between working groups and the various tools used for the development of this software.

Besides general validation rules for software architectures, SystemDesk also disposes of specific rues that ease the handover process during the function development with the TargetLink automatic series code generator as well as during configuration of an ECU's the basis software with EB tresos from software vendor Elektrobit. Users who need to export software architecture models for having them processed by different tools can define user-specific rules to ensure error-free interaction with existing tool chains.

SystemDesk 4.1 comprises pre-defined rules to validate ECU system models for the data handover between working groups and downstream development tools. The validation process offers an intuitive user interface and ensures the completeness and consistency of the Autosar models contained. For this reason, OEMs and suppliers can rely on the data handover process.

The system modelling process with SystemDesk 4.1 is based on Autosar 4 and embraces all elements from the software architecture design and the ECU topology to integrating the network communication. Structured diagrams, intuitive configuration dialogues and automation options for all modelling process steps translate support the user throughout the design.