Software connects head unit to CarPlay and Android Auto

January 26, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Green Hills Software has integrated the AllGo Systems RACE Smartphone Connectivity technology with its Integrity Multivisor virtualization platform for managed access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services. Based on the vendors’ own Integrity real-time operating system, the Integrity Multivisor provides a flexible software architecture to consolidate safety- and security-critical automotive functions with consumer operating systems like Linux, QNX, Android or Windows. As a result, carmakers can consolidate CarPlay and Android Audio services into the connected car while meeting demanding market-specific requirements for security, safety and real-time performance.

iPhone and Android phone connectivity in the car are becoming fundamental to the connected car infotainment experience, bringing tremendous user convenience to the vehicle cabin. However, consolidation of these functions without proper safety and security considerations create new security vulnerabilities in addition to increased safety risks.

To facilitate a safe, secure integration of CarPlay and Android Auto into the vehicle, Green Hills supports the execution and separation of AllGo’s RACE Smartphone Connectivity services running in a Linux GuestOS on its Integrity Multivisor. While additional Integrity Multivisor partitions simultaneously protect coexistent critical functions such as instrument cluster, vehicle diagnostics or ADAS, running as native Integrity tasks.

According to Green Hills, Integrity Multivisor is the only hypervisor based on software technology independently certified to the highest levels of both safety and security. Its embedded virtualization architecture has been successfully deployed for over a decade in automobiles, avionics, enterprise workstations and weapon systems. It combines the trusted Integrity microkernel with multicore system virtualization for configurable software partitions, hard real-time and safety-critical processing and hosting of one or more guest operating systems.

Integrity Multivisor’s comprehensive support for 32- and 64-bit processors includes:
• AllGo RACE Smartphone Connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto running in a protected Linux GuestOS
• Secure multicore system virtualization of one or more guest operating systems utilising configurable software partitions running safely alongside real-time safety- and security-critical tasks
• Maximum virtualization performance through hardware acceleration from ARM Architecture virtualization extension (VE) and Intel® Virtualization Technologies (Intel VT-x and VT-d), for both 32- and 64-bit processors
• Safely shared peripherals between critical tasks and guest operating systems
• Green Hills Software’s MULTI® integrated software development environment featuring multicore debugger, TimeMachine™ suite and 32- and 64-bit optimized C/C++ compilers, MISRA C support, profiler and many other integrated time-saving tools
• Green Hills family of hardware probes for hardware bring-up, low-level debugging and trace-powered visibility
• Green Hills Software’s embedded software experts collaborate with system and security architects