Software for developing CANopen FPGA applications on Windows 8

December 04, 2012 // By Nick Flaherty
IXXAT Automation has developed a new version of its CANopen Master API running on Windows 8 that now works with the recent FPGA-based CAN-IB200/PCIe active CAN interface.

With the CANopen Master API, IXXAT offers a proven solution for a quick and easy development of PC based CANopen control, test and service applications under Microsoft Windows. It supports up to 12 CAN interfaces in parallel and, depending on the hardware in use, up to 4 CAN channels per interface board. Depending on hardware support, high-speed CAN channels may be configured by software to operate in low-speed mode.
In particular with the CAN-IB200/PCIe CANopen Master API 6.1 stands out with an increased precision of time triggered synchronous protocols.
CANopen Master API V6.1 includes support for the latest CiA specifications CiA 301 (CANopen application layer and communication profile) version 4.2 and CiA 305 (CANopen layer setting services (LSS) and protocols) version 2.2.
CANopen Master API 6.1 is supported under 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.