Software eases ISO26262 implementation

October 24, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automated driving and advanced driver assistant systems make safety-critical vehicle functions increasingly proliferant. Thus, the developers of these functions have to comply with the tough requirements of ISO standard 26262 which can be a very cumbersome and laborious process. Design automation software vendor Cadence now has introduced a software that promises to automate much of this process, reducing the efforts by as much as 50%.

Cadence has introduced an expansion to its Incisive functional verification software platform that enables users to automate three elements of the ISO 26262 requirements: Traceability, Safety Verification and Tool Conficence Level (TCL).

The solution reduces the compliance effort by automating the time-intensive manual verification process of fault injection and result analysis for IP, System-on-Chip (SoC) and system designs. The solution includes the Incisive Functional Safety Simulator and the Functional Safety Analysis capability in the Incisive vManager solution. The new simulator operates within the Incisive Enterprise Simulator compiled-code engine, boosting runtime performance up to 10x and providing the seamless reuse of the functional and mixed-signal verification environments to accelerate the time to develop safety verification versus the interpreted Incisive Verifault-XL engine traditionally used in functional safety simulation.

The ability of safety systems to detect faults is the critical measurement for ISO 26262 compliance. The Functional Safety Analysis capability allows the safety engineer to automatically generate a safety verification regression from the fault dictionary created by the simulator and enables the Incisive vManager solution to track millions of detected, partially detected, and undetected faults introduced into simulation to verify the safety systems in a design. By automating the tracking of these safety metrics, the Incisive functional safety solution automates man-years of effort, and provides the traceable audit trail needed in the systems design chain from semiconductor to OEM suppliers.

The Incisive Functional Safety Simulator and Functional Safety Analysis technologies are part of the Cadence System Development Suite (SDS), addressing the largest and most complex verification and hardware-software co-development challenges faced by semiconductor and system companies. The Incisive functional safety solution is currently in the phase of prototype testing. General customer availability is expected in the first half of 2015.

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