Software tool allows analog IC design for reliability

May 08, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive electronics, but also other fields of technology such as medical and aerospace technology place extremely high demands on the durability and reliability of electronic components. Design tool vendor Cadence has now introduced a software that enables developers of analog chips to ensure the reliability of their designs over the entire product life cycle from the first test through active use to aging.

Based on the proven Spectre Accelerated Parallel Simulator (APS) and the Virtuoso custom IC design platform, the Legato Reliability solution integrates the various capabilities into an intuitive cockpit. The solution addresses reliability aspects in all three phases of the product life cycle:

  • Analog Fault Analysis - This can speed up analog fault simulation by a factor of up to 100, reduce test costs and avoid undetected production faults, which are the main cause of premature failure of IC designs.
  • Electrothermal analysis - The developer can thus avoid thermal overload and thus reduce early failures during the service life of the product.
  • Advanced Aging Analysis - This allows accurate prediction of product wear due to temperature and process variations.

"As electronics is a key element in many application-critical applications, designing chips has become a huge challenge as they must meet the requirements throughout the entire product lifecycle," said Tom Beckley, senior vice president of Cadence and general manager of the Custom IC and PCB Group.

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