Sony mutes noise for Ford Mondeo drivers

November 12, 2015 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Ford has implemented Active Noise Cancellation into the passenger compartment of its Mondeo Vignale model. The technology, originally developed for earphones and headsets to lock out the outside world’s noise, reduces undesired noises from engine and transmission in the sedan’s interior.

To cancel the noise, it first needs to be measured: Towards this end, Ford engineers put three microphones at selected, “strategic locations in the roof interior. The sounds acquired are than amplified and the phase is reversed. These sounds then are then emitted through the loudspeakers without impairing the sound of the built-in hi-fi equipment.

The noise from the outside world is further reduced by the use of “acoustic glass” with specific properties in the windscreen and the front side windows. Likewise, the engine compartment is lined with noise-absorbing foam, reducing the powertrain sound in the passenger compartment by 2 dB. Additional measures in the underbody, in the wheel arches and the doors as well a new rear axle reduce the mechanical noise by another 3dB.

The vehicle’s audio system has been fine-tuned by Sony engineers in labour intensive detail work to enable a sophisticated surround-sound experience while under way. “Our engineers went to great lengths to develop the audio system for the Ford Moneo Vignale”, said Ian Hubbard, Global Automotive Entertainment Director of Sony Europe. The audio system includes 12 high-end loudspeakers and an advanced class-D ten-channel DSP amplifier. The woofers and midrange loudspeakers are made for the most of polypropylene material that guarantees reliable performance over the entire lifetime of the vehicle; the multilayer soft-dome tweeters generate a clear and clean sound reproduction.

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