SOT-23 ESD protection diode protects FlexRay transceiver

August 08, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Designed to protect FlexRay transceivers from electrostatic discharge (ESD) and other harmful transient voltage events, the NUP2115LT1G transceiver ESD protection diode from On Semiconductor provides bidirectional protection for each data line and is designed to deliver the highest possible signal integrity.

Packaged in a compact SOT-23 package, the NUP2115LT1G gives the system designer a way of improving system reliability and exceeds stringent electromagnetic interference (EMI) requirements. As a result of the high-speed nature of in-vehicle networking, the FlexRay standard requires low capacitance protection of up to 20 pico farads (pF) and data line capacitance deviation of +/- 2 percent; the NUP2115LT1G far exceeds the FlexRay standard with an industry leading stray capacitance of 10 pF maximum with capacitance matching at 0.26 percent.

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