Speed limiter is most popular option in European Ford vehicles

April 04, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
In times when in Germany alone 18.000 fixed and countless mobile speed traps are active, drivers feel more safe when they use a speed limiter. Such a device is available for Ford models Focus, C-MAX, Grand C-MAX, Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy. It is Ford's most popular extra in Europe: 85 percent of all buyers chose this option.

Throughout Europe, Ford sold more than 220.000 speed limiters in 2011 alone. The little protector against speeding tickets is available in connection with the cruise control and allows the driver to preselect any speed in the range between 15 kmph and 170 kmph in 5 kmph increments. As soon as the vehicle reaches the preset speed the system does not accelerate beyond this speed. The speed limiter intervenes at the level of the throttle valve but does not have any active braking function. Thus, the preset speed actually can be exceeded inadvertently in descending roads. In this case, a visible and audible signal is activated. Nevertheless it is also possible to intentionally exceed the preset speed, for instance for passing maneuvers, though a pronounced speed pedal action. As soon as the vehicle returns to the selected speed range the limiter is activated again.

It is unlikely that the high acceptance for this option is going to diminish soon: Traffic experts are calling across Europe for higher fines against speed violations.