Static analysis tool detects safety-relevant errors in C++ code

May 15, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Static code analysis is one of the requirements of functional safety according to ISO 26262, one of the most important standards for automotive software development. Hitex Development Tools (Karlsruhe, Germany) has introduced Goanna V2.7.2, a tool that enables software developers to perform this type of analysis.

Goanna V2.7.2 can be used for programs written in C++. The most striking new feature in the version at hand is the great variety of configuration options for embedded software checks. In addition, the new version offer a number of pre-defined Quick Check and Deep Check options speed the assessment process and help developers to find code errors more quickly and more precisely. 

The tool makes use of mathematical models and abstract data value tracking to identify and display potential runtime errors in the software. The analysis is performed across functions and files, enabling the tool to identify memory leaks, buffer overflows, memory content overwrite events, division by zero, access with invalid index and other comparable problems. Thanks to its simple installation, users can start after a few minutes to conduct software quality checks and eventually eradicate errors. 

The tool is available in two versions. Goanna Central is command line oriented while Goanna Studio is designed to be used in connection with Visual Studio and Eclipse / CDT. Both variants are available either with a hardware-bound license or as floating license. They support Windows as well as Linux. 

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