Submersible headers ensure superior sealing, high electrical performance

August 19, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Molex Incorporated unveiled high performance MX150 single- and dual-row headers for use in high-temperature automotive and commercial vehicle applications. Complementing widely used and industry-recognised MX150 receptacle connectors (series 33471 and 33472), the MX150 sealing interface has been optimized to meet IP6K7 and IP6K9K sealing requirements.

According to the vendor, the MX150 headers expand on Molex' portfolio of automotive and industrial solutions. In wire-to-board configurations, the preassembled, submersible MX150 system simplifies device tooling by incorporating USCAR-specified interface geometry directly into the sealed headers.

The MX150 connector is a rugged, environmentally sealed connector system that supports both low-level signal and power applications up to 22.0A. PCB board alignment and retention features simplify header placement and retention. The sealing geometry incorporates spray shield to meet IP6K7 and IP6K9K requirements. A true sealed connector system, the MX150 header system has been tested and confirmed to perform under submersed conditions in various fluids. in addition, the high-performance MX150 connector system features reduced package size which makes it suited for SAE-style wire in challenging applications.

The economical MX150 connector system features all-in-one plug and receptacle housings with pre-assembled, wire and interfacial connector seals. The solder-tail and compliant-pin electrical interfaces provide module design flexibility and lower applied costs by eliminating the need to purchase, handle and crimp individual wire seals. Integral terminal position assurance (TPA) and optional connector position assurance (CPA) components allow simple terminal insertion and secure seating to prevent accidental disengagement during high vibration and severe shock applications. Plastic seal plugs facilitate sealing of unused circuits. And, easy terminal extraction and insertion enable quick, low-cost field repairs.

Integral, two-way matte and interfacial Molex MX150 header seals conform to IEC IP67 and SAE USCAR-2, Rev 4 standards and are rated for use in on-engine, high vibration, under-hood and under-chassis environments at class 3 (-40 to +125°C) operating conditions. Molex manufacturing facilities are ISO9000 and ISO14000 certified.

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