Switching matrix enables high-throughput test applications at high package density

May 09, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
For test applications in the automotive and in the electronics industry in general, signal condition devices manufacturer Pickering Interfaces has developed two new switching modules - one based on solid-state switching elements and one based on electromechanical relays. Both enable very high package density in switching matrixes.

The BRIC 40-586 is a multi-slot switching module that occupies two, four or eight plug-in positions in a PXI chassis. The product enables single-ended matrix configurations with 75 x 4 to 600 x 4 crosspoints. The package density has been significantly increased over comparable 2A matrixes. High-performance relays enable 2A of switching current, 60W switching power and voltages of up to 100VDC or 70VAC.

The architecture of these BRIC modules enables implementing large matrix structures without the need to costly external wiring. A completely integrated programming interface presents the matrix as one unit and thus reduces the likelihood of user errors.

The BRIC 40-501 expands Pickering Interfaces' range of solid-state switching matrixes by a new module with 64 x 4 crosspoints in 3U size. The semiconductor switches used in the 40-501 are designed for hot switching of 150mA at 100V; they tolerate onrush currents of up to 350mA for a period of 10ms. This makes the product recommendable for applications where repeated hot switching of high voltages at capacitive load is required - a set of condition that typically reduces the lifetime of mechanical relays. This solid-state switching matrix offers a virtually unlimited number of switching cycles at a switching speed comparable to reed relay solutions. This makes it the ideal device for test applications which require high throughput and fast switching.

Both switching modules will be on display at the Automotive Testing Expo, Stuttgart (Germany), Hall 1, Booth 1100.

More information can be found at www.pickeringtest.com