Sysgo offers virtualisation for Renesas infotainment platform

June 10, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Virtualising is regarded as the key technology to separate different tasks running on the same platform. Secure software vendor Sysgo now is offering a personality for its PikeOS operating system that enables full virtualisation of software environments, running on Renesas' R-Car H2 microprocessor family.

The PikeOS personality supports fast data exchange between hardware layer and application. According to Sysgo, benchmark tests prove that the performance of its Linux-based embedded operating environment ELinOS using the is comparable or equal to the performance if the software runs directly on top of the hardware. Applications with heavy utilisation of system calls and exceptions benefit most from this hardware virtualisation.

In contrast to partial visualisation, Sysgo's full virtualisation enables operating systems such as Linux or Android to run on top of PikeOS without any modification. Besides the hardware virtualisation functions, Sysgo's PikeOS offers a range of automotive-relevant personalities such as Android, Autosar, Genivi, Linux, OSEK and Posix. In such configurations, PikeOS controls the diverse cores and applications that are separated safely from each other through time, space and resource partitioning.

Renesas R-Car H2 is the second generation of powerful SoCs for infotainment deployment; it is scheduled to be available in the automotive market beginning 2015. In terms of architecture, the R-Car H2 represents an ARM Cortex A15 quad core microprocessor.

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