Telematics module, touch panel aim at better driving safety

December 17, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Addressing the demand for safety and infotainment, Kyocera has developed a new automotive-use telematics module for high-speed data connections as well as the “New Feelings” touch panel. Both applications are designed to make driving more comfortable while increasing safety.

The Kyocera “New Feelings” touch panel is another piece of technology that will make driving safer. Many drivers are distracted when they operate their navigating system via the LCD screen. On regular touch screens a driver cannot feel whether they have actually completed an action on the screen or not, and thus tend to take their eyes off the road to operate the navigating system. However, the new Kyocera display provides a user experience through the touch screen which creates the sensation of having pressed an actual button. Therefore drivers can feel, rather that diverting their eyes from the road, that they have successfully completed an operation on the screen.