Telit lands major orders at global tier ones

November 11, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Wireless communication modules manufacturer Telit has signed supply contracts with two global tier ones, adding a sales volume of $33 million to existing contracts worth $220 million. Under the contracts, the Italian company will sell mobile communications modules over a timeframe of four to six years; production peak is expected for the year 2018.

The modules to be provided are the models ATOP 3.5G as well as UE910. They enable vehicles to carry out eCall and ERA-GLONASS functionality, targeting global markets. Examples are, according to Telit, Korean-built vehicles to be sold to Europe and Russia, American- and China-designed cars for the Chinese market, and German vehicles designed for the world market. Also German motorbikes destined for the global markets will be equipped with the radio modules from Italy. In addition, Telit announced to provide LE920 and HE902 modules to tier ones suppliers in the U.S. and in Japan, destined to be integrated into connected infotainment solutions and gateway platforms for a number of American and Japanese vehicle brands.

eCall is an emergency service developed by the European Union in collaboration with the Russian ERA-GLONASS satellite navigation system. It will be mandatory for each newly registered car in the EU from April 2018.

As to the solutions utilised to connect vehicles to the internet, the automotive industry across all vendors places high demands on the module’s ability to withstand cyber attacks. Supporting 3.5G mobile communications technology, the ATOP platform is equipped with a security element as trust anchor for Java-based runtime environments, offering hardware-based integrated security and data integrity. Thus, the ATOP architecture enables designers to implement end-to-end protected data communication and the secure execution of services. All modules intended for automotive use also feature high shock and vibration resistance.

“Selecting virtually all of our current modules for world-class automotive projects clearly confirms our strategy for this industry”, comments Telit CEO Oozi Cats. “Based on the critical role of the life-saving network connection, the qualification processes for eCall and ERA-GLONASS are very complex. Over the past years, Telit has made high investments into our growing automotive business segment. These assignments acknowledge the quality level we have reached.”

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