Test tool enables direct ECU access via CAN FD

May 24, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Embedded development tools vendor dSpace GmbH (Paderborn, Germany) has enhanced its rapid control prototype (RCP) tool chain. It now offers more options to integrate and utilize the CAN FD data bus standard. Towards this end, the tool chain now allows for bypassing of electronic control units as well as network access with much higher bandwidth compared to the traditional CAN version.

The software now supports the CAN FD communication bus standard for ECU bypassing via the XC protocol (Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol). Compared to traditional bypassing via CAN, this speeds up the synchronous exchange of large data volumes between an ECU and an RCP system, such as dSpace’s MicroAutoBox II. Since this method uses the existing CAN FD interfaces on ECUs and the RCP system, no additional hardware is needed. All user settings for implementing the bypassing model on the RCP system can be made with the established dSpace RTI Bypass Blockset. The CAN FD support for bypassing gives dSpace customers an additional attractive choice for selecting the ideal bypassing interface for their projects.

At the same time the company supports the new DCI-CAN2 communication interface that enables users to access ECU networks based on CAN or CAN FD from their PC. DCI-CAN2 uses the host PC’s USB interface to communicate with the ECU bus network. This way, CAN/CAN FD data can be monitored and visualized for analysis and diagnostics on the host PC by using the Bus Navigator in dSPACE ControlDesk. The USB connector also powers the DCI-CAN2, so no other connectors are necessary to use the interface.


More information: www.dspace.de