Testing BroadR-Reach Ethernet with oscilloscope

June 26, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive Ethernet is currently one of the hottest topics in area of automotive data networking, and the BroadR-Reach technology increasingly appears in the prototypes of automotive control unit designers. However, before such solutions can hit the road, intensive testing is needed. During the Automotive Testing Expo this week, Rohde & Schwarz showcased a compliance test software for BroadR-Reach Ethernet, utilising the company's RTO oscilloscope.

With the solution, R&S extends the application field for the RTO to testing automotive Ethernet interfaces. With Rohde & Schwarz' RTO-K24 compliance test software, users can conduct automated testing of such interfaces according to the specifications of the OPEN Alliance which drives the development of the BroadR-Reach technology. BroadR-Reach allows aggregating multiple applications such as video streams generated by back-up cameras and the distance-warning radar signals in a single, open and scalable Ethernet network inside the vehicle.

RTO's high measurement dynamics of more than 7 effective bits (ENOBs) provides reliable measurement results even in specified tests with interfering signals, enabling users to assess and check their products during type tests or end-of-line production tests. The signal quality of the Ethernet interface can be verified, for example, by means of drop-out tests which is used to review the signal waveform of the BroadR-Reach data telegram. The R&S system offers graphical display options that support the user conducting the measurement step by step. Configurations can be generated automatically; the results are provided in a clearly arranged protocol.

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