TI Sitara ARM Cortex A8 part of a multi-million euro contract for automotive computers

October 24, 2013 // By Julien Happich
A specialist in development and manufacturing of embedded computers, Hectronic announced it has been awarded a three year development and manufacturing contract worth 1.7 million Euros per year.

The vehicle computer is based on Hectronic's reference platform for automotive applications. The platform includes Texas Instruments series Sitara AM335x processors from 300MHz to 1GHz and building blocks for wired and wireless communication. The customer of the vehicle computer offers Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solutions in a number of countries worldwide.

The vehicle computer is built by integrating building blocks from Hectronic's reference platform which has functionality and communication interfaces that are common in many automotive applications. The specification of the vehicle computer includes wireless interfaces such as mobile data communication (2G/3G) and WLAN. GPS/GNSS is used for positioning and a variety of sensors are included, like for example gyro, accelerometer, compass and sensors for air pressure measurement.

The system is required to operate under harsh conditions and undergoes CE certification, FCC and E-type approval. HALT and HASS stress testing procedures are performed to increase durability and prolong product life time.

"The contract proves that the decision to develop an ARM platform with TI Sitara was the right thing to do. Our experience from development of embedded computers for harsh environments and the possibility to save time by integrating building blocks instead of developing from scratch were why the customer trusted us with the project," says Anders Rundqvist, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hectronic.

 Hectronic delivers the vehicle computer with a Linux distribution developed in-house. The customization of the system and the development of the mechanics have been initiated. The first deliveries are planned for the beginning of 2014.

Visit Hectronic at www.hectronic.se