Tool set speeds development of camera-based driver assistance systems

April 17, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
More efficient implementations and faster development cycles is what Texas Instruments (TI) promises to users of its Vision Software Development Kit. The toolbox provides a flexible framework along with a comprehensive set of hardware device drivers and a number of software tools to create driver assistant systems based on TI's heterogeneous architecture.

The TI Vision SDK, based on TI's SYS/BIOS RTOS, enables multiple algorithms to run concurrently on a variety of heterogonous cores and eases integration of new functionality into the system. Additionally, a comprehensive debug and instrumentation features allow algorithm developers to benchmark and profile their algorithms in a system context.

TI is also making libraries available for both its Embedded Vision Engine (EVE) and digital signal processor (DSP) on the TDA2x System-on-Chip (SoC). The libraries include more than 200 optimized functions for both EVE and DSP libraries, providing customers and third parties with the building blocks to jump start development and reduce the time to market. The EVE and DSP libraries are available for low-to-mid and high-level vision processing such as surround view applications with image quality of up to 1080p60.

The TDA2x, incorporating a Vision AccelerationPac, combines a selection of high performance, vision analytics, video, graphics and general purpose processing cores in a low-power envelope, enabling a broad range of ADAS applications scaling from entry to high performance. Furthermore, TI’s Vision AccelerationPac delivers a more than 8x compute performance at the same power budget for advanced vision analytics in a more cost-effective footprint, the vendor promises.

TI’s expansion of SoCs and software offerings is driving an increasing number of worldwide ADAS third-party suppliers, offering algorithms, services and integration support on TI’s broad portfolio, enabling customers to reduce in-house investment, development time and time to market. This ecosystem includes companies like Adasens Automotive, IAV Automotive Engineering, TCS, Supercomputing Systems AG, and CSSP.

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